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Hello! I'm Mike, a Gameplay Programmer / Game Designer from the UK with an interest in graphic design and 3D art. I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a high first class honours degree (summa cum laude) in Computer Games Technology (BSc).

I am a Gameplay Programmer / Game Designer with a proficiency in C# and a solid understanding of Unity 3D. I have published five tool/development assets on the Unity asset store. I am an ‘Into Games 50’ winner in the programming and tech category for 2023. I have won mod creator awards in May 2023, Oct 2022, Jan 2022 and July 2021 for my community content that has gained over 2 million unique subscribers.

I've always been extremely curious in the technical side of games and this has led to a solid understanding of the whole game development stack. I like to understand how everything works, and will put in the extra time and effort to learn new things in order to polish my creations! As a result I am proficient in Blender, Substance Suite and Affinity Design Suite, and have experience in Maya, 3DSMax and with Adobe Creative Suite.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me :)

Software & Skills


Programming & Game Design

I have worked on a number of projects, both professionally and personally. My professional projects include works at game studios as well as pubishing standalone assets onto the Unity Asset Store. More info can be found using the pages linked below:


Alongside my love for programming and game design, I have a passion for 3D art and have game industry experience in 3D modelling, rigging and texturing. My main experience is hard surface modelling for vehicles and environment props. I am proficient in Blender, Adobe Substance Suite and Serif Affinity Suite. I mainly work in a mid-poly workflow for both Unity and Unreal Engine 5, but can also work in a high-to-low-poly baked workflow if it better suits a project.


My personal projects include creating vehicle and trailer models from the ground up for the game: 'Snowrunner' and it's sequal 'Expeditions' in the form of free to access community content (mods). All of my mods have been created for use across all platforms that the game has released on: PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. My most popular creation has gained 2 million unique subscribers. Each mod can be used in game via integration. Models range from small accessory items, to whole trucks and trailers. The vehicles contain modular components so that the player can customise the bumpers, trim, accessory options and more. I have even won mod creator awards in May 2023, Oct 2022, Jan 2022 and July 2021 for a few of the mods!

My other projects can all be found using the following links:

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