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Minecraft RTX Logo

Please note: The minecraft logo and game have been developed by Mojang Studios.

Ray-Traced Lighting Overview

Below you will find download links for my Minecraft resource packs; including ray-tracing textures, clear glass, improved redstone, luminous blocks and more!

Please note: These packs have been created for the bedrock version of the game, and work in minecraft update v1.16 and up. You must enable ray-tracing in settings, after activating the packs. Ray-tracing is only available when using an NVidia RTX graphics card.

Gaskellgames RTX - Vanilla

RTX - Vanilla.png

This pack converts the vanilla minecraft textures into physically based rendering (PBR) textures, enabling ray-tracing functionality.

Note: The version in brackets denoted the version of minecraft, not the version of the resource pack

Gaskellgames RTX - Addon Packs

RTX - Custom.png
Clear Glass
Clear Water
Luminous Ores
Luminous Terracotta
Plain Lamps

These packs replace the vanilla minecraft textures, and should be used alongside the above vanilla pack

1) Clear Glass:

- Removes the glass frames, leaving only reflections on the surface.

2) Clear Water:
 - Removes the water surface textures, leaving only reflections on the surface.


3) Dark Mode:

- Replaces the menu and UI with a darker colour pallet.

4) Luminous Ores:
 - Replaces ores with luminous (glowing) versions to make them easier to spot.

5) Plain Lamps:
 - Replaces redstone lamps with a less cluttered texture.

6) Redstone:
 - Changes redstone textures to improve their visual style, making redstone easier to use.

These packs should be enabled at the same time as the Gaskellgames RTX textures. You also need to place each addon pack above the Gaskellgames RTX textures in the enabled section in game.

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