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Light of Hope: The Redeemer

Light of Hope (LoH) is a 3D puzzle-platformer inspired by my previous design work on a 2D Arcade Minigame of the same name. LoH is being developed solo by me (Gaskellgames), and is currently in early development.

Light of Hope (LoH) started out as my dissertation project at university. The dissertation was a study of the character movement styles used in existing 3D puzzle platformers. The study defines what the standard player controller movement styles are for the genre before testing each of the movement mechanics in a purpose built tutorial level. The tutorial level is a small 3D puzzle platformer tech test that incorporates all of the researched movement styles.


The gameplay mechanics and systems used in the LoH tech test were each created from scratch over a six month time frame, alongside the creation of all 3D models, textures and 2D graphics. You can download and play the tech test on my Itch page: LoH Tech Test or wishlist the game on steam to be notified when the game releases!

Light of Hope [2D Minigame]

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