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I am a self-taught graphic designer and 3D artist in addition to being a programmer and game creator. I am currently at Manchester Metropolitan University studying for a degree in computer game technology (Bsc). You can see a sample of my work from my time so far at university here and also see a selection of personal projects hereYou can contact with me either via my social media, using the links in the header and footer, or via the contact page.


At university, I currently have an average mark of 89.5% accross all of my modules for years 1 and 2. My individual modules were: 'Computer System Fundamentals', 'Programming', 'Introduction to Web Design & Development', 'Computer Game Fundamentals', 'Algorithms and Data Structures', 'Computer Games Design', 'Computer Graphics' and 'Professional Development'. During my studies I have worked with multiple programming languaes and have a proficiency in C++ while specialising in C# alongside Unity (Game Engine).


Uni Projects

Light of Hope (background)

As part of my studies in first and second year of university, I created a number of small demo/prototype scale games based around a specific mechanic or theme. Each of the prototypes have been made using Unity and C#, the mini-game 'Light of Hope' was designed and implemented in Processing using Java and the mini-game 'Retro 8-bit maze' was was built using the Lua language


A preview and/or download of each of my demos/prototypes can be found using the links below:


3D Modelling, Rigging & Texturing

I have a passion for 3D art, and I am self-taught skills in 3D modelling, Rigging and Texturing through programs such as Blender, substance painter and Affinity Designer.

The vehicle models were all created for the game: 'snowrunner', and can be used in-game via the website Each of these models were modelled, rigged and textured from scratch by me. A sample of my work can be found below.


Additionally, I have also researched the use of PBR textures in games in order to implement Ray-Tracing. As part of my research I created my own resource pack for minecraft bedrock edition, which takes advantage of ray-traced lighting effects. Since Minecraft's 8th December 2020 update (v1.16) added the functionality for Ray-Traced lighting effects in game for PC bedrock edition players, however no official minecraft resource packs were included with the update that would make use of the feature. NVidia, who produce the RTX series graphics cards for PC's, did however release a texturing guide on their website to allow developers to produce their own ray-tracing enabled resource packs. This guide can be found hereYou can download and use my resource pack using the link below: