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Project Overview



Forsaken realms is a remote play game, that was developed as part of a group project for my final module of second year at university. The project consisted of creating a remote-play game, and presenting the final product to lecturers and fellow students. More information about the game can be found below:


Forsaken Realms:


The Journey begins in 'Forsaken Realms' by joining players together in a social hub space that is reminiscent of couch co-op games. As a team we spoke about a need for a welcoming and communal environment - making sure everyone feels as if they are together, even if they are physically separated.


Once each player has picked their character class, they ready up and load into the lands of Sylvia - a once scenic and beautiful land now corrupted by the invasion of greedy goblins! Together with your fireteam you will make your way through the now goblin-infested lands to defeat them and reclaim what has been lost.


All assets in the game which you see have been created from scratch in order to create the authentic playing experience we aimed to create. The project lasted only 5 weeks, and we are all extremely proud of what we managed to create in such a short timeframe. Especially since this was the first time any of our group had looked into any networking integration for games!


Development is planned to continue, with many features to be added to fill out the game’s experience:

- emotes & quick-chat

- player customization in the social hub

- a single player training grounds introductory level

- a saving/healing system

- accessibility options such as colourblind mode and user changeable keybindings

- advanced AI and player abilities (building on the standard melee attack)

- class based ‘biases' to change the experience with each play through.

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